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Dingle Oceanworld Penguin News

Polar Penguin Exhibition

Bringing a piece of the Antarctic to Dingle in Co Kerry. The Polar Penguin Display is open since April 2011 at Oceanworld and is proving a great hit with all our visitors. The exhibition is home to 12 Gentoo Penguins, the natural habitat of these penguins is around the Falkland Islands. The Penguins are kept in as natural an environment as possible with polar air temperatures as well as a constant flow of chilled water and ice. The Penguins are caprive bred, 6 have come...
Baby Undulate Ray born at Oceanworld

Baby Undulate Ray born at Oceanworld

Undulate rays (Raja undulata) are a native Irish ray, that’s right like a sting ray but without the sting! However these beautiful creatures are also Endangered in the wild due to over fishing and fishing practices. Here in Kerry, Tralee and Dingle Bay however are known to be great breeding ground for rays due to the flat sandy bottom and good food supply. Here at Dingle Oceanworld we are workingtowards the conservation of this beautiful ray before it is too late....
Beach Clean at Oceanworld

Beach Clean at Oceanworld

Oceanworld Aquarium undertook a Beach Clean on Saturday 2nd March at Feothanach. 4 members of staff from the aquarium along with some helpers filled 40 bags of rubbish from the small beach which weighed over 280Kgs! This is what the van looked like after the beach clean!
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