Covid-19 - Visitor Information & Guidance

We have developed plans and procedures to safely operate the aquarium so that visitors can once again enjoy the aquarium.

These are strange times that we are in, however, together we can make your visit an enjoyable one!

PLEASE NOTE: As a consequence of adhering to social distancing guidelines and for the safety of both visitors and staff, we are unable to conduct our daily talks and feeding displays.  We are unfortunately unable to open our Kids Zone. Currently our Coffee Shop will only serve take away drinks and snacks.

1. Tickets will need to be pre booked for a specific date and time slot in order to adhere to maximum capacity. This is to ensure social distancing is achieved at the aquarium.

On Arrival
1. Please arrive at time stated on your booking – not before or after as admittance will only be allowed for allocated time. Always prepare for a queue and maintain social distancing (please note we have limited our bookings to reduce queuing times)

2. FACE MASK are now mandatory indoors following Government guidance, we ask all visitors to adhere to this and wear face coverings while visiting the aquarium.  Children under the age of 13 years or any person with any physical or mental illness, impairments or disability are NOT required to wear them.

3. Wash and sanitise hands on entry to the aquarium.

4. To manage social distancing, we ask people not to dwell longer than 1.5 hours in the aquarium.

5.Enjoy your visit.

Inside the Aquarium

Face Mask must be worn

Toilets are located at entrance to aquarium, please use toilets at start of tour.

If you require the use of toilets during your visit you will need to exit the aquarium at the back of the shop. You will be able to re-enter through entrance again.

Our one-way route is highly dependent on visitors adhering to the system and guidelines put in place. Please do not attempt to walk back or exit through the entrance.

Please follow the one-way system, you can spend time at each exhibit but please be continuously aware of other visitors who may wish to pass by.

Please note that our all-day tickets and weekly tickets are currently not available to purchase.

Our Meet & Greet Staff are there to answer any questions you might have, please always feel free to ask questions but be mindful of social distancing