Penguin Love Pebble


Did you know that in the world of Penguins a ‘pebble’ is the most romantic symbol there is.

As part of their courting rituals penguins endeavour to find the most perfect pebble to give to their partners. If their mate approves of the stone it is accepted into the nest with a bow of the head. We have hand painted a limited number of stones and shown them to our penguins who choose the perfect pebble for your partner. Each stone will come with a note with the name of the courting pair that chose your love stone.

Choose the perfect penguin pair for you.

Each pebble is unique and may differ slightly from the photo.

Pebble sizes may vary.

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Bubbles and Missy, Fletcher and Sneachta, Paddy and Peggy, Sven and Candy, Tom and Kerry, Uisce and Odin