BUTTERFLIES CLIPPER Parthenos sylvia - South Asia INDIAN LEAF Kallima Paralekta - South Asia GLASS WING Greta Oto - South America BLUE MORPHO Morpho Didius - South America BLUE GLASSY…

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Gentoo Penguins Gentoo penguins are a very distinctive looking penguin, with a bright orange beak, a white stripe over the head and lovely peachy-pink feet. They are the third largest…

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Loggerhead sea turtle

Molly our Loggerhead Turtle was found in August 2004 washed up on a beach in Castlegregory, Co Kerry. The staff at the aquarium have cared for her since then and…

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Sand tiger shark

These sharks are also know as Grey Nurse Sharks.Sandtigers can grow up to a length of 10ft and weigh over 300lbs! They eat fish, mainly squid. There name comes from…

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